Wednesday, February 5, 2014



GH is good again. However this storyline with Heather and Carly is so diculous.
Today Heather and Carly physically went after one another. Oouch Carly that head injury. Good fight thought. And hopefully you will now be found because I want to see Heather DIE

I think when Liz was spatting out things about Brill and the illegal things she has done she must have forgotten when she (Liz) broke into the hospital drug supply room and decided to go play 'G-D with Luckys life.

Dr O and Uncle Victor know one another. From there past.

Patrick went home and told Robin the truth about Sabrina carrying his child.
This and the fake Jason hiding will draw Robin away,

For those as old as me, who remembers when Monica found AJ birth mark.This story with the Rash reminds me of that, and Liz is on to it.
Ohh Ohh


Kat2 said...

Wouldn't it be fun is Victor is really Britts daddy

Kat2 said...

Maybe that is why Dr.O is not happy with her daughter choice in men

Deb K said...